Friends call me "Je"

Jena Harris is a women’s empowerment visionary, producer, speaker, and best selling author. 

Jena spent twenty-two years in Corporate America where, after time, she found herself in need of her OWN healing and transformation from the stress and tension in her life. This led her on her own healing journey to balance, harmony, and healthier wellbeing. She discovered her own recipe for healing and wellness and this is now her passion to share it with the world. Jena is a Reiki Master and healing facilitator in homeopathic modalities of human healing and wellness with studies in Reiki, Christ centered healing, matrix energetics, healing touch, laughter yoga/therapy, with religion and metaphysical schooling, and holds a Master’s in Arts and Metaphysical Studies.

In 2009 she started her Company Blissfully Empowered with an office in Boise Idaho where she served her clients and students in the Treasure Valley area. In 2013 she founded Sisterhood Connections, which has been growing and changing since. In 2014 she left her Corporate position to continue to pursue her dreams of connecting and inspiring one woman, one soul at a time.

Jena joined in a collaborative project with Transformation TV as one of the producers of The Transformation Movie that was filmed in April 2018 in Zurich, Switzerland and set to be released in May 2019. She currently spends her time empowering and transforming the lives of her tribe in The Soul Collective and also works part-time at The YMCA in Addis, Louisiana where she is collaborating with other change makers on future teen and women’s empowerment and transformation programs.

Jena is also the author of three published books, the best selling "Who Were You Before The World Told You Who To Be", "44 Days Returning To Love" and "Manifest Your Power Partner". Jena currently co-authored “Step forward and Shine” that is set to be released September 18, 2018.

A note from Je...

I consider myself a Life Changer because after sessions with me, your life will be changed forever. That’s a bold statement I know, yet I have hundreds of happy clients from all over the world that I have all been able to assist with transformational change in their lives and who have felt a shift and impact from my work and sessions. 

I offer a unique way to assist clients with healing, transformation, and expanded spiritual consciousness. With the combination of my studies, degrees, and certifications in metaphysics, energy healing, and God given gifts, I created my own special recipe of Shift~Align~Transform¬© techniques. I offer group healing and transformation sessions through my new 2018 affordable membership The Soul Collective. If you are looking for connection and a sacred space where healing and transformation is offered, sign up for The Soul Sister Circle, that is held at least once a month and it’s available to anyone for FREE

I am passionate about helping women to feel and look their best with a goal of living their happiest and healthiest life. This is why I created The Soul Collective, a place where we transform our lives collectively through releasing, expansion, and soul reconnection. We believe that when women are heard, seen, and feel safe that transformation can then take place. We change the world not by reaching the masses, but inspiring one woman, one soul, at a time. 

I specialize in working with healers, light workers, and coaches, and have several across the world. I offer assistance in raising their vibration, aligning to their passion, purpose, and confidence while connecting them with a tribe of other teachers and soulfully empowered sisters. I assist in stepping outside of the box to expand their consciousness so they can do their ‘good work’ in the world! 

I will work with you, by your side, to help you discover where you have limited yourself based on thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that no longer serve you and help you navigate to create new ones that are in alignment with what you want in your life.

“Transforming your life from the inside out”

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