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The Soul Collective is perfect for anyone who may feel confused, lost, and in search of rediscovering where they are in life and who God created them to be. Someone who is looking to find God, learn more about Jesus, OR reignite that relationship with Jesus. This is a space where healing, happiness, and healthier living can found, together. This membership is soulfully inspired to help you personally on your journey so you don't feel alone while strengthening and rebuilding your relationships in your life. And I believe the two most important relationships in your life are the relationship with yourself and the one with God. You will have access to mentoring and inspiration that will keep you motivated and inspired daily, weekly, and monthly.


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I believe that everything in life is about relationships.....

Relationship with God, relationship with self, relationship with your son, daughter, husband, mom, dad, sister, friend, neighbor, boss, your relationship with your job, money, food, with exercise... The list is endless.

I am here to help you build a strong foundation to all of your relationships, and it STARTS first with the relationship with God and the relationship with yourself. When you are full and you have healed then you can outpour to others. I do believe that when you build a closer relationship with God, and embrace who God created you to be, it will open the doors for healing and ultimately the abundant life God has for you.

This is why I created The Soul Collective

 I believe that we change the world not by reaching the masses, but inspiring one soul at a time. 

NEW sessions monthly, and over 50 archived sessions, masterclasses, and meditations available

What is included in the monthly membership?

I am so glad you asked!

 One-hour monthly virtual group mentoring and healing masterclass session focused on a specific theme to increase your self-love, happiness, health, healing, and tools to expand your own individuality and your connection with God. These sessions are each very unique with a combination of mindfulness, prayer/meditation, inner reflections, and soul reconnection to help you discover 'who you were before the world told you who to be'. (These sessions are via zoom and you can easily join from your phone or computer)  
 Transformation and healing tools, tips, videos, audios, and downloadable PDF's to be accessed anytime when it is best for you.  New content being added monthly and from time to time we will have special guest appearances in our live sessions!
 Discreetly receive answers to your questions that you may not feel comfortable asking anywhere (You have an option to send your questions via email before the live session for privacy)
 Access to all of our prior bite-size sessions from Jena Harris from 2016 & 2017 Sisterhood Collective Membership 
 Sessions will be recorded and available for a minimum three-month time frame
 Exclusive alumni discounts!


(This is the great thing, we are always adding more value and more ways to help YOU on your journey!)

FIRST ADDITION......My husband and I will be doing an exclusive program on conscious relationships. 

We will be sharing our struggles, our challenges, the adversity that we faced not only a bi-racial couple and having a 10-year difference in our age. We will be sharing some of the things that we have done to improve our communication, even when we really didn’t want to talk to one another. I also will be breaking down my book '44 days returning to love' and this will not only be for your relationship with your significant other but also the relationship with yourself and the relationship with God. Ahmad will be sharing a male’s perspective on the book and also his viewpoint on relationships, God, and much more. We are really excited to be able to share with you in this way. 

SECOND ADDITION.....More programs included through 2019

I also will be sharing other programs coming that I will announce soon, as well as a journey to a closer relationship with God AND yourself along with your own health. This also includes bringing in some experts to help us, and exclusive events, masterclasses, and sessions that won't be available any where else!

THIRD ADDITION......Separate Group Laser Coaching Session

I will be adding a monthly group coaching call as a separate bonus.It will be audio only, and no replay. These sessions won’t go over 45 minutes, so prepare your questions to get the laser coaching. This enables you to have access to a coach without needing to pay for a whole hour session. 

I encourage you to walk boldly into the New Year, trusting fully in God’s promises and resting on the knowledge that He makes all things new. Lay down old grudges, free yourself from worry, and turn from lesser things because God has a plan for you in 2019!

What is the investment for the membership?
Only $17 per month! I know right? It's an AMAZING deal..... Trust me it's worth hundreds ....  


$17 per month


$200 Yearly

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