Calling All Soulpreneurs!

(Soulpreneurs who are ready for SERIOUS change in 2018!)

Are you asking yourself, what is a Soulpreneur?

Are you a spiritually gifted sister or brother that also happens to be an Entrepreneur?

Do you consider yourself a game-changer, visionary leader, or change maker?

Are you Purpose Driven and want to make an impact or change in every person’s life you touch?

Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur, coach, healer, minister, or teacher who makes a difference in people’s lives everyday?

Are an online service based entrepreneur who is SO PASSIONATE about helping others transform and SO ready to hear “Yes, I’d LOVE to work with you!”

Want to feel super CONFIDENT and in the "know how" to be you and grow your authentic style of business so you can hear less OBJECTIONS and more YESes?

If you said yes to any of those, keep reading, because this is for YOU! 

Have you been playing it “safe” behind the scenes, while watching others launch programs, books, and events? Does the thought of building your social media profile, working on your website, creating events, leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated? Do you wonder if you are in alignment with your highest purpose and who God created you to be?

And does even the word technology make you crazy?!

So…you have done all of the work to get your online business, or maybe you have a physical location, up and going, and you have gotten to this point. 

Now you are here thinking, ok, where are all of my clients? How do I get from here to there with all of these different platforms, different marketing and coaching methods and styles all while staying TRUE TO WHO I AM and DELIBERATELY CREATE THE LIFE I CHOOSE? UGH!

This is where I hear from people who feel like giving up on themselves, giving up on their dreams, and they want to give up on their purpose and god given gifts and talents. And do you know the saddest part of it? Most of the time the people who feel like giving up, still haven’t even tapped into their greatness, their authentic brilliance, and who God created them to be!

Don’t die with the music still inside of you!

If you are a like me, you may have heard or been conditioned to think that JUST BECAUSE you are a spiritually driven entrepreneur that you can’t make money at it! 

And that if you are intuitive with a brilliant creative right-brain that you can’t possibly be an incredible businesswoman or businessman actively utilizing a strong left-brain too!

Ahhh, am I here to bust down that myth!

Do you feel that you are more intuitively driven but too scared to tap into your brilliance and claim it for fear of what others would think or say?

Maybe you have been conditioned to think that in order to be spiritual you can’t swear or eat meat? (Hmm, yup you guessed it! Another ego trap to experience comparison!)

Maybe you feel the pressures from certain groups or people that if you say “God” in your work that you are too religious or if you don’t say God enough then you must not be connected or you place the “new age” label on you. 

And just what if you don’t fit in any of those boxes?

Do you resonate with any of this? 

Sound familiar?

For me, I felt for a long time I didn’t really fit into any certain place and this left me feeling confused and trying to modify what I would say to fit into these boxes; Much of it unconscious. 

Because after all, we have all heard from the best Business Coaches telling you to speak the words your client wants to hear! 

I felt this way until one day I woke up and realized I was unhappy, and that I was actually re-creating my 9-5 job all over again. Waking up and not liking the work I was doing or where I was headed. Questioning why I was doing it, and realizing I had really gotten off track of the purpose of why I started my heart-centered business to begin with! Trying to please other people, put others needs before my own, and all the while I was the one suffering because I hadn’t fully stepped into who God had created me to be!

It’s scary to really give yourself full-blown permission to show your flaws and embrace them and better yet, trust that exactly how God made you is exactly what the world needs to see! 

Trust me, I get it. It’s not easy! 

That is why it is my passion to help you! To share my own God given gifts of being able to see a person’s highest purpose and help them navigate to create it! And also tackle all of the technology fear! Because let's face it, when you start out it's not exactly like you have a big team! Shoot, even when you are in business for a while you may not have that!

How would you like to wake up everyday and love the life you are creating along with your business? 

Learn WHO you were before the world told you who to be and learn how to bravely illuminate your light in your personal and professional life! 

Explore and learn how to embrace all of your awesome quirks and make it part of your brand, because why hide the incredible soul that you are!? 

YOU are exactly what the world needs because there is no one else like you! So you may as well play the part!

One of my biggest pet peeves is the coaching industry creating the “cookie-cutter businesses” and “cookie-cutter coaches”. When you learn to be yourself, and discover your God given gifts, and how others connect to you, only then will you fully be able to expand the power that has been instilled in you from the day you were born! 

And what is even better, when you are walking in full alignment, everything shifts. Your relationships, your finances, your health, and everything in between! You move from surviving into thriving and THIS MY FRIEND IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT!

I want to help YOU in your Purpose Driven Business to thrive, not only in your business, but also in your personal life as well. I understand the POWER OF CONNECTION AND COLLABORATION and this is why I created this program the way that I did, as we will be tapping into that powerful collective energy to help each and every Soulpreneur SOAR! 

Not only will you be building your business, you will be learning how to identify your purpose in your business and your personal life. Together we will support each other while also helping GROW each person’s social media, fanbase, and testimonies because there is ENOUGH ABUNDANCE FOR EVERYONE! Remember, what we give out is added to our abundance and comes back to us always!

So far sound good? CLICK HERE for next steps!

If you are still not convinced, keep reading Soulpreneur....

I will be teaching you tips, tricks, techniques to do things SIMPLE and that is EASY ON THE WALLET! Let’s be real, we ALL have busy lives and if we want to do good in the world it has to feel good to us or one day you will wake up like I did and ask yourself, “what am I doing”? Life is meant to be fun and I believe your work is too! Your work should align with your purpose and it won't feel like work!

This is more than just “one thing”, this is a LIFE & BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION OPPORTUNITY! This program, which is really a mentorship, is unique and one of a kind! 

I wish I could offer this to any and all people who want to join but the truth is I take your journey and business very serious and I am intentionally making this an intimate group so I can dedicate and give my all to each of the Soulpreneurs that join! 

So with that in mind, so I only have a few spots, and I do expect them to fill up quickly!  So if you are reading this, and you love the vibe and the vision you may be getting, then LET’S GET THE PARTY STARTED! CLICK HERE for more details. (*please note, this is for women and men who are REALLY READY TO DO WHAT IT TAKES to move to the next level!)

Is this about growing my community or fanbase?

NO, yet YOU WILL gain followers in this time we will be working together! I will be sharing with you how to start your email list and we will create an offer to build your list!

Is this about growing your confidence?

NO, yet YOU WILL GAIN confidence for doing live videos and “getting yourself out there”! Help you with the tools, technology, and the wisdom you need to support you in your Purpose Driven Business! You will finish this program and feel more confident than you are today with doing videos or sharing your message!

Is this about increasing abundance?

NO, yet YOU WILL find tools, tips, “techy stuff” to increase your abundance in all areas of your life! I will be mixing in my abundance prayers, mantras, and energy work alongside supporting YOU in the tech stuff that will help you to charge what you are worth!

Is this about gaining testimony’s and likes on my Facebook page?

NO, yet YOU WILL gain them because we will be doing group projects for ALL TO THRIVE and leaning on the collective energy and loving support for one another! You will sure walk away with both after doing this program!

So as you can see,

The Purpose Driven Soulpreneur is ALL OF THE ABOVE plus some!

Low or lack of confidence in business is a symptom of a much deeper block (that’s the bad news), but a lot easier to fix than you think (that’s the good news!). 

I will be sharing tech stuff from website, starting and building your email list, growing your Facebook page, gaining confidence to go live and get through the nervous energy. 

I will be personally assisting you with helping you step into your highest purpose and align it into the work you are doing now. 

Would you agree that bigger miraculous blessings happen when more than one gather? Me too Soulpreneur! This is why I want it to be a select smaller group to share, empower, and help one another on our way to building your dream businesses! 

Who am I and why should you trust me?

Hi, I'm Jena, call me Je...

I worked in a high paid Corporate position for over 21 years, and through that time I was really good at growing members, increasing sales, driving sales, and team building. I received years of development training for my own personal growth and I also was responsible for many employees and managers growth as well. I then started a successful Coaching and Healing Business called Blissfully Empowered and within 6 months I had a full clientele. (And I want to share with you how I was able to do that!) I started a 501-3c Non-profit women’s empowerment organization from the ground-up ALL WHILE BEING a new mom and two grown children at the age of 40. (And, yes, I actually had a life outside of all of it too! That’s super important!) And by this time I was writing my second book!

I am a Spiritual Teacher, trained coach, author, and carry over 5 different natural healing modalities and have created my own technique of S.A.T. Shift~Align~Transform®. I will be using all of the awesomeness from all of the knowledge I have gained in my journey to HELP YOU ON YOURS!

In this time was everything perfect? 

Um, Omgosh! NO way! FAR FROM IT! 

I had many hiccups, fails, bombs, and I can remember many days where I cried and felt like giving up! Days where I didn’t want to get out of bed and wondering, “what have I gotten myself into”?

I definitely have gone through my fair share of Kleenex!

The only thing that saved me was that I never gave up. With God’s help, I took one step at a time, and with every naysayer I drew more power within my own being to pull the strength to believe in myself more and to keep going. 

I surely made many mistakes along the way, and I want to use all of them to share the wisdom I gained through those "mistakes", those pitfalls, and those uh-oh not again moment’s, so YOU can be a step ahead of where you are today and not make the same mistakes I made!

Can you relate to any of what I am sharing? 


“Yes, Jena! I’m Ready to Move Into Action!”