Who were you before the world told you who to BE? 

Unlock, Awaken and Spark Your Purpose Driven Life!

Gain a deeper insight into who you are (your soul imprint) and why you are here!

"Life without purpose is like a body without soul”

Imagine if your dream life could easily manifest AND even bigger ones were waiting for you to create, with just a bit of a shift? 

Imagine discovering what your soul imprint and purpose is and how to activate your best life aligned to your highest purpose? 

Imagine if you unlock your blocks in a new expansive way so that you understand the shadow sides of your soul purpose so you can learn new ways to have your challenges work for you instead of against you? 

The Soul Purpose Session has been created specifically to help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are and unlock, awaken and spark your biggest dreams!

This is perfect for you if you: 

♥ Are curious to understand yourself at the deepest level 

♥ Desire to live your most fulfilled life

♥ Seek to attract healthier relationships that empower you

♥ Wish to open up new creativity

♥ Have been feeling unhappy, unsure of the direction of your life and/or profession/business

♥ Have been feeling de-motivated, stuck and unable to put your best skills to use

♥ Set yourself free from sadness and feeling disconnected 

♥ Want to take your understanding of your life purpose to the next level 

♥ Experience greater fulfillment in all areas of your life

♥ Expand your self-mastery and empowerment to the highest level

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Remember you are here in life to have a phenomenal experience, you deserve to be the best version of yourself!

“The imagination is more powerful than knowledge”

 ~ Albert Einstein 


This Session Includes: 

20-Min Introduction Video - What are soul imprint archetypes and how will they support your discovery of your soul imprint and highest purpose

Soul Purpose Journal and questions to trigger the anchoring of energy 

30-minute Soul Purpose Activation Meditation that needs *to be done at least 24 hours before your session

90-minute Soul Purpose Session via Zoom (video session), You will receive a recording of the replay *emailed within 72 hours of session

♥Following the session you will receive a soul map and collage download PDF of your archetypes that is custom to YOU!

BONUS SOUL PURPOSE ARCHETYPE PENDANT! Made with love from Megan Michelle Ellis (Our Director of Transformation) *Mailed to your doorstep within 14 days of the date of the session.

ü  Deep insight into Who You Are & Why You Are Here

ü  What Your Gifts & Strengths Are

ü  How to Use your Gifts Most Effectively

ü  How to transcend your weaknesses

ü  How to Overcome the Obstacles in your Life

ü  What are your Blockages & How to Overcome them

ü  What your Life Purpose entails

ü  What work/service feeds and fulfills your soul

ü  How to fully love yourself and love your life


$444 $377


© Jena Harris Made with love for great people